Mystic Mondays Tarot: 3 High Vibe Reasons You Need This Deck

If you’re itching for a new tarot deck you came to the right place. Read on to learn three of the many reasons that Mystic Mondays tarot needs to be your next deck of choice.

mystic mondays tarot
Photo Credit: https://mysticmondays.com/
  1. Mystic Mondays Tarot deck is beautiful! I mean let’s face it this deck is absolutely stunning! The back is a soft black finish adorned with a diamond that has an eye. Not to mention this deck has a silver edge to the cards. Finally, the pictures alone are worth a thousand words! They are so stunning and full of watercolors making this deck give a very calming effect to its reader and the reader’s clients. It’s also a nice, clean, and simple design that gets the image’s message across to the reader and the client but it doesn’t have a lot of background noise. This means you can focus more on delivering a reading rather than external designs that may be distracting during a tarot reading.
  2. It’s Not Scary– One of the wonderful qualities of the Mystic Monday’s Tarot is that it’s not an intimidating deck. First-time clients can be especially nervous about the more intense cards such as “The Tower” and even “Death”. This deck is super pretty and it captures the essence of tarot in a way that won’t leave your first-time readers running for the hills. The gentle energy from this deck will also excite and captivate your audience. I mean who doesn’t feel the gentle wisdom rolling off this deck like docile creeks?
  3. It’s Affordable– Tarot decks can be expensive. I will be honest to say the most expensive one that I own cost me $75 dollars. If you’re looking for a tarot deck that will deliver results, and that won’t break the bank, this deck is available on Amazon for $18. That is a steal in my opinion! Most decks I have bought cost me at least $25 dollars or more.

There you have it! Three high-vibrational reasons you will love the Mystic Mondays tarot deck.

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